Shadows of the Sun

Min-Qudshu-ReshepDetail of Turin Stele C 1601, on display at the Museo Egizio in Turin, Italy. It is a limestone devotional stele from Deir el-Medina dating to the 19th Dynasty (New Kingdom Period) depicting a relatively popular triad: Min (left); Qudšu/Kadesh (center); and Rašpu/Rešep (right). Apart from the ithyphallic God Min, Who is for all intents and purposes a native Egyptian deity, this triad is comprised of “Egyptianized” Canaanite (Syrian) deities, demonstrating not only the Ancient Egyptians’ willfulness in embracing the “exotic” but also the diffuse, “superfluid” nature of Ancient Near Eastern religions.

The following is a short prayer to the Egyptianized Canaanite (Syrian) God Rešep, which is comprised of phrases I have taken from the stelae Cambridge EGA 3002.1943 and Louvre C 86, both unearthed at Deir el-Medina and dating to the 19th Dynasty (New Kingdom Period). The translation provided is my own.

The first paragraph consists of transliterated Latin…

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