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Maeshowe © Frank Bradford

The Ancients built Maeshowe burial chamber to align with the Midwinter Solstice Sun Set in the Stone age ~ the exact reason why they did this has been lost, but we can imagine the reason, and it’s clear to see that it has a great deal to do with the Solstice when the sun is reborn to rise again.

In our modern age, of computers, webcams and the internet, we can share this experience as it happens; if it happens… weather up in the far north is chaotic and on Orkney, surrounded by sea, it changes every five minutes sometimes!

Still, the process of the sun’s traverse of the passage way into the inner chamber is a fascinating thing to observe, live, as it happens.

We can try to imagine the ancients and the rituals that must have taken place at this time.

With the recent…

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