Knot Magick

The broom is the one of those quintessential witchy items that stir the imagination. The earliest cleaning implement known to man, the besom is traditionally made from a staff of hazel with bristles of birch twigs. Every home no matter how rich or poor would have had their own which would have been made, and repaired, by the womenfolk of the house.

The idea of the broom being used to cleanse a space of negative is an ancient one,  biblical even.  Isaiah 14:23 states “I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the LORD of hosts” and the image of the housewife beating unwanted guests from their front door is an old one in itself. Traditionally you would find a broom standing by the door, bristles pointing down, in order to protect the home from negative spirits.

The traditional besom woods have magical properties and associations with the…

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