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Shadows of the Sun

“Revered before Banebdjedet, the ‘Chamberlain-Priest,’ He Who Separates the Two Gods, Prophet of the Ram, Hatmehyt and the Greater and Lesser Enneads, the Chief W’ab Priest who knows his duty . . . Nes-usert, called Wahibre . . . he says: “O Ram of [Ra], Ram of the Great One, Ram of Shu, Ram of Earth! Four faces on a single neck! O entombed rams within the Mansion of the Rams! (Ye for Whom) the Nile emerges from the cavern of Yebu that the fields may sparkle with ‘clothing’ (of herbage), that breasts may foal in timely season, their sustenance being on earth, and that Ra rises and Atum sets, so as not to impair Their offerings day and night! Remember Ye my name specifically when offering is made to Your kus! Grant Ye me an offering at the moment of requital, given at Your volition, (and also) a good…

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